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Family Shows of Houston

     Family Shows of Houston is a locally owned and operated carnival that features shopping centers and celebrations in the Houston, Texas area 12 months a year. Family Shows of Houston is fully insured with a five million dollar insurance policy with the site owner completely insured for the entire length of the engagement.

     Family Shows of Houston purchases any and all permits necessary for operation. All money is paid and insurance is in place before arrival on location.

     All games and concessions are in trailers so that no stakes are driven and asphalt is not harmed in any way. Family Shows of Houston is completely self contained with its own generators for electricity, and portable toilets for the public are located on the midway. The only requirement is a fresh water outlet (garden hose) for health and sanitation.

     Family Shows of Houston occupies approximately 45,000 to 55,000 sq. ft. (150'x300') depending on the configuration for all rides and concessions.

     Complete clean-up and inspection of site is conducted by show personnel at closing every night with a major clean-up and inspection upon departure.

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